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Thunderchief announce new music video for their cover of Neanderthal’s »Crawl«

Photo by Randy J Byrd

US misanthropic doom/sludge metal duo Thunderchief featuring Rik Surly and Erik Larson (Backwoods Payback, ex-Alabama Thunderpussy) continues their cover song series. The band will release a music video for their cover of Neanderthal’s »Crawl« next Tuesday.

Thunderchief mastermind Rik Surly comments: “This month’s release will be a cover of Neanderthal’s sludge classic, »Crawl«. The late 80’s band was a pioneering innovator in the powerviolence scene, consisting of the one and only Eric Wood (Man Is The Bastard, Bastard Noise, Amps To Christ).

According to Neanderthal’s »Fighting Music« EP (recorded in October 1989), “Crawl–Examines the All-mighty phenomenon of Ass-Licking in our pathetic, modern day society and shows the extent some human filth will go to”.

This greasy offering to the God of Swine was recorded in Raleigh, NC by Mike Dean (C.O.C.), and will be available on the Thunderchief Bandcamp page on February 4, 2022.”

>>>> Side Note>>>
“The name “powerviolence” was coined in 1989 during a heated musical debate between Eric Wood and Matt Domino, then members of the band Neanderthal.”


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