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UK doom/sludge metal band Froglord released their fourth album »Sons Of Froglord«, available now on CD, vinyl and digital

Bristol, UK based doom/sludge metal band Froglord has just released their fourth album »Sons Of Froglord« on July 7th, 2023.

Froglord comments: “»Sons Of Froglord« is out now!!! I’ve been so excited for the release of this album and I’m already over the moon at the response it is getting. Last nights album launch gig in Cardiff was amazing, with quite possibly our wildest crowd to date, you guys really brought your top frog pit game! Get yourself outside and have a good old stomp with the Wizard Gonk 🐸🧙‍♂️”

01. Wizard Gonk
02. Garden
03. Road Raisin
04. Collapse
05. The Sage
06. Froglady
07. Wednesday
08. Hold On
09. A Swamp Of My Own
10. Closing Ceremony
11. Born On The Bayou (Creedence Clearwater Revival cover)

“-500 years before ascension-

He tires of wordly trappings and so departs into the wilderness. There, the great Wizard Gonk awaits. A mighty guide through this garden. Together they seek it’s forbidden fruit; the Road Raisins. Once found, the flesh is consumed, giving way to visions of a coming collapse. The sound of The Amphibian can be heard, calling to the sage, and The Froglady’s embrace guides him back to earth. Returning to the world on a Wednesday, he knows he must hold on till the lord cometh. Till that time, the mind must be honed and create a swamp of it’s own.”

Formed during the pandemic as a one-man project, Froglord released their first EP in 2020, followed soon after by a full-length album. Through their infectious grooves, storytelling, and DIY music videos, Froglord quickly amassed an online cult-like following. After the release of their second album »The Mystic Toad« a year later, Froglord developed into a full 4-piece band as live venues began to reopen.

Since then Froglord have released a further EP, split record, a single and their third full-length album in 2022, developing both a powerful and theatrical stage presence.

Photo by Montish Media

Whilst Froglord’s sound leans primarily toward stoner doom, they have taken stong influnces from pychedelia, progressive metal, sludge, and grunge; to deliver the tale of The Froglord through a concept-based discography.

Rooted also in environmentalism, Froglord has worked closely with Save The Frogs, the worlds largest amphibian-based conservation charity, raising over £2500 through »Save The Frogs« EP sales and campaigning, as well as £300 for the Human Dignity Trust through merch sales.

Order »Sons Of Froglord« here:

All music and lyrics interpreted from »The Book Of Amphibian«.
Mixed and mastered at Mystic Swamp Studios.
Illustration by Bobby Sutikno.
Cover design by Herman.
Raisins provided by The Gonk.

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