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UK progressive doom metal one-man band Tales Of A Liquid Dawn stream his debut album »Morning«

UK-based progressive doom metal one-man band Tales Of A Liquid Dawn stream his debut album, »Morning«, which was just released on March 31st, 2022.

01. Hunters
02. Stone Walls (Part I)
03. Stone Walls (Part II)
04. Mask
05. The Exile (Part I)
06. The Exile (Part II)
07. The Mask Slips
08. End

All music by Anthony Yip.
Artwork by Ben Plater.

The album chronicles an outcast that was born a deformed freak, alienated by his own people and segregated to a ghetto within the village. He breaks free, hiding his grotesque face behind a mask, until he his finally ousted and chased out into the wilderness. Here, he seeks enlightenment and attempts to forgive those that chose not to understand him; however, he is constantly hunted by the villagers who have made it a sport to slay him. Because of this, he decides he cannot truly grow unless he ends his own life or destroys the lives of those that hound him – so one night, he returns to the village and murders every single living thing there before setting himself alight. His mask is the only remaining artefact, left within the ashes.

The villagers start reporting of sightings of the strange being in the forest and a handsome bounty is offered to the hunter that can bring back its head. The hunt begins.

Stone Walls (Parts I & II)
The protagonist is held within stone walls, left to fend for himself there, feeding off the scraps the villagers leave behind. When he comes of age, he burrows his way out to attempt to live in the normal world.

Donning a bronze mask, forged using stolen scrap metals, he hides his grotesque features and attempts to live amongst the villagers, trading goods and finding work where he can. Eventually, the villagers question just what is behind the mask and he is relentlessly mocked and beaten.

The Exile (Parts I & II)
The protagonist is forced to leave the village behind and live in the wilderness. He submits to the forest, for he is not judged there and finds allies amongst the trees and wildlife. He becomes less and less human, leaving behind the life he knew before.

The Mask Slips
In his rage, the protagonist decides that the humanity is not worth sparing and in order to rid himself of his pain, he must either end his own life or end the lives of those that torment him; he returns to the village and slaughters every living being, acting as a force of nature, tearing through bodies as the blood flows and ripples through puddles, turning to streams that soak the mud. He sets the village on fire, before walking into the blaze himself. His bronze mask is all that is found within the ashes.

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