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US heavy groovin’ rock quartet Sea Of Flame dropped brand new EP »Bristlecone«, out now via Iron Head Records / Golden Robot Records

Denver, Colorado based heavy groovin’ rock quartet Sea Of Flame stream their brand new EP, »Bristlecone«, which just dropped on April 7th, 2023 via Iron Head Records / Golden Robot Records.

Listen to »Bristlecone« EP on all streaming services!

01. Pins And Needles
02. Loper
03. Lorena Hobbit
04. Rat Feast
05. Bristlecone

Courtesy of Golden Robot Records:

»Bristlecone« is the first EP release on Iron Head Records for Denver’s riff rock band, Sea Of Flame. The five track EP showcases hooky, groovy guitar work coupled with complex, ever moving rhythms. Lyrically, the EP reflects on the isolation of the modern world and the power of breaking that isolation by banding together to accomplish more than can be done as individuals.

“We chose »Bristlecone« to be the title of the EP very intentionally. Those trees live thousands of years. Over that time they twist and turn into something gnarled but beautiful and tenacious. In a lot of ways that is emblematic of the journey of this band,” says bassist Ben.

Order/stream »Bristlecone« HERE!

Photos by Greg Mason

About Sea Of Flame:

Sea Of Flame is a slow burn that grows to an inferno. Over ten years of honing their craft in Denver’s underground rock and metal scene, the quartet of Ben, Heavy, Jim, and Miles have a reputation for powerful shows that bring the heat.

“It’s always about playing live,” co-founder and drummer Jim Cook says. “We didn’t start this to be a studio band. We want to go up on stage and give the audience something they haven’t seen.”

Formed in 2012 by Jim and Heavy, Sea Of Flame has evolved over the years. Sometimes they were a three piece, sometimes a four piece band. For a year they were an instrumental outfit. With the additions of Ben on bass and Miles on vocals and guitar, the band stepped up to the next level. Along the way, two EPs were produced – their self-titled debut and 2018’s »Ballast«.

“We needed time to shape our sound,” Heavy says. “We are at a point here, ten years into the band, where we have really found what makes Sea Of Flame different from other bands. It’s a special combo of what each of us brings to the table.”

With the band’s third release, »Bristlecone«, what makes Sea Of Flame is on display. Tasty riffs, driving beats, and vocals that engage the listener.

“We strive to have lyrics and vocal melodies that bring everyone in. A lot of heavy bands express only one emotion. That can be cool, but we want to do more,” reflects Miles.

With the release of »Bristlecone«, Sea Of Flame has joined forces with Iron Head Records and Golden Robot Records. This partnership allows the band to move beyond the limit of what they can do alone.

So after ten years, Sea Of Flame is stronger than ever and looking to burn.

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