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US stoner/grunge/progressive rock band The Stone Eye presents new studio album »Fata Morgana«, out now via Electric Talon Records

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania based stoner/grunge/progressive rock band The Stone Eye has just released their new studio album »Fata Morgana« on April 28th, 2023 via Electric Talon Records.

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01. A Bit Like This
02. T.G.R
03. Oogie-Dew
04. Not My Circus
05. Sacrilegious High
06. Ain’t All That
07. Donora
08. Czars On Foot
09. Oh Well
10. Parading Faces
11. In Lieu Of Roses
12. I’m Dying, Mother (Bert Hare Cover)

Courtesy of Electric Talon Records:

Heavy with a layer of glorious weirdness, Philadelphia based The Stone Eye are back at it again with their latest record, »Fata Morgana«. On this record, the band finds itself combining raucous, dirty guitar tones with clever musicianship, hypnic vocals, and a stylistically diverse range of songs.

Tracks such as the ominously titled »T.G.R« pummel you with funky yet tasteful weirdness, whilst »Not my Circus« guides you through a meticulously crafted landscape that can best be described as articulate minimalism. Listeners will find nods to punk with the track »Sacrilegious High«, and by the end, be taken through a progressive rock landscape only seldom explored by bands such as King Crimson with the 9 minute epic, »In Lieu Of Roses«. »Fata Morgana« is a record that is both representative of the band’s growth, as well as their continued blending of pop-sensibilities and musical weirdness.

Photo by Kenji Fong

Formed in 2014 by some buddies in High School with a shared love for music and endless amounts of ambition (sometimes to the point of absurdity), The Stone Eye is a band that prides itself in tackling multiple genres within one cohesive package; usually topped off with thunderous rhythm, loud guitars, and haunting vocals. It was not always this way though, and that’s part of the appeal.

Throughout the band’s long history, musical evolution and experimentation have been at the forefront of each member’s mind. What happens if you cross pop-sensibilities with traditional metal? Or maybe throw some funk in there for the ladies? Perhaps this song needs a hand pan? Why not! With every new release, The Stone Eye is providing new perspectives on tried genres, and that’s… well, cool. These upcoming releases are absolutely no exception to that now-established mantra, so strap on in, grab a beer, and enjoy the ride.

Order »Fata Morgana« here:

Music by The Stone Eye.
Lyrics by Stephen Burdick.
Recorded by Stephen Burdick, Mike Pacca (Tracks 3, 5, 6, 10) Michael Kerchner (Tracks 1, 2, 4, 7-9, 11).
Produced by The Stone Eye.
Mixed by Stephen Burdick.
Mastered by Paul Logus (PDX Mastering).
Artwork by Derek Setzer, Stephen Burdick.

The Stone Eye is:
Stephen Burdick – Guitar, Vocals
Jeremiah Bertin – Percussion
Christian Mechem – Guitar, Vocals, Keyboard, Orchestral Composition
Mike Pacca – Bass

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