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Venezuelan atmospheric death/doom masters Stratuz sign with Wormholedeath to re-release their latest album »Osculum Pacis«!

Venezuelan atmospheric death/doom masters Stratuz have signed with Wormholedeath to re-release their latest album »Osculum Pacis« in CD format.

01. Intro
02. Morning Star
03. Father Amorth (E)
04. Holy Grail
05. Caelibatus
06. In The Name Of God
07. Back To The Sun
08. Sodomized
09. Dawn
10. Left
11. Condemned

Courtesy of Carlo Bellotti Publishing:

Hailing from Caracas, renowned death/doom atmospheric metal band Stratuz has inked a licensing deal with Wormholedeath for the release of their album, »Osculum Pacis«, in CD format.

»Osculum Pacis« is a testament to the dark and brooding essence of metal, masterfully crafted with dynamics, taste, and elegance while preserving a sense of ominous and harsh atmospheres. It is an adventurous odyssey, free from fillers, and ensures an immersive experience that will firmly establish Stratuz among the ranks of renowned metal acts. »Osculum Pacis« exemplifies the quintessential sound of atmospheric doom/dark/death metal!

Stratuz, formed in 1984, swiftly gained recognition as a pioneering force in extreme metal with the release of their debut album »In Nomine…« in 1995, following their first demo in 1993. Their relentless pursuit of excellence led them to become Venezuela’s most revered metal band, leaving an indelible mark on the country’s vibrant music scene. After returning from a successful European tour in 1999, Stratuz completed the recording of their album »The Last Angel«. The same year, they signed with the prestigious Belgian label LSP-Company, embarking on a new chapter with the release of »Spirit Seduction«.

In 2006, Stratuz decided to part ways, but their unwavering passion for music reignited in 2019, driving them to reunite and commence work on their latest opus, »Osculum Pacis«, which was unleashed upon the world in 2022.

Embracing international acclaim, Stratuz recently secured the number one position on the Jacquin Ravens Top 50 Metal chart on US radio station 99WNRR with their mesmerizing album »Osculum Pacis«. Renowned Venezuelan broadcaster and journalist Roberto Palmitesta, from the esteemed radio program Escena Rock, further crowned »Osculum Pacis« as the finest work of 2022, alongside Metal Pedia, a Mexican news media outlet, who acclaimed it as the album of the year.

The line-up of Stratuz consists of Franklin Berroterán on voices and keyboards, Gerónimo Egea on guitars, Leonardo Rangel on bass, and Diego Cabrujas on drums. Together, they channel their collective musical prowess to forge a sound that captivates and enchants.

For a glimpse into the band’s signature sound, immerse yourself in the captivating music video for »Back To The Sun« on YouTube!

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