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Weedian presents a brand new compilation »Trip To New Zealand«!

Weedian presents a brand new compilation »Trip To New Zealand« that includes some of the New Zealand’s finest artists such as Datura, Beastwars, End Boss, Lamp Of The Universe, Swamp Dweller, Planet Of The Dead, Unruly, Planet Hunter, Mothra and many more.

01. Datura – Magnetise
02. Beastwars – Caul Of Time
03. Planet Of The Dead – Mind Killer
04. Bloodnut – Fire Giant
05. End Boss – Covet
06. Swamp Dweller – Dependency
07. Dead Shrine – The Formless Soul
08. Hunt The Witch – Long Time Coming
09. Mammuthus – Bloodworm
10. Earth Tongue – Unseen Tormentor
11. Lord Of Tigers – Bones Of The Weakened
12. EnFire – Dank Dungeon
13. Lord Of Solitude – Vampire Ritual
14. Lamp Of The Universe – The Messianic Rule
15. Witch Head – Under Heathen Snow
16. Triumphs – Twang Of The Void
17. Stonehurst – Can’t Help Myself
18. Wolf Wizard – Rotting
19. TVX – Bleak Horizons
20. Planet Hunter – The Bigger They Are
21. Yarnspinner – Drunk Cosmonaut
22. Mothra – Splinters
23. Blazing Shade – Grimoire
24. Bottle – Witchcraft
25. Demons Of Noon – Mike
26. DAHTM – 13
27. Triumphant Skull – Crumbsweep
28. Stone Angels – The Weight Of Mountains
29. Pieces Of Molly – Don’t Shine A Light Into The Dark
30. Infinity Ritual – Magic 8
31. Saint Satori – Mama You Should Know
32. Borer – Heathen
33. World War Four – Monster
34. Unruly – Floorboards
35. DUUN – Tropic Ceremony

“Deep in the South Pacific lies Aotearoa / New Zealand, the mythical Land Of The Long White Cloud. Amongst the diverse landscapes ranging from snowy peaks, immense native bush and picturesque sunny beaches lies some of the inspiration for the Stoner/Doom/Sludge scene.

Earlier artists such as Datura paved the way for what would become a healthy and active happening of filthy, fizzed out riffs.

Aotearoa is an isolated country but a very passionate one about all things heavy. International bands are always welcomed with enthusiastic crowds of stoned hordes of patrons.

So sit back, grab a nuggy from the top shelf, crack a cold one and take a deep inhale of Weedian – »Trip To New Zealand«.”

Words by Tom Latta (Swamp Dweller)

All tracks procured by permission of the bands and/or their record labels.

Bojan Bidovc // music enthusiast, promoter, misanthrop and sometimes a journalist as well

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