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Weedian released a brand new compilation »Trip to Colorado«!

Weedian presents a brand new compilation »Trip to Colorado« featuring artists such as Primitive Man, In The Company Of Serpents, Abrams, Green Druid, Burning Sister, Sun Of Grey, Near Dusk, Lost Relics, Alamo Black, Stone Deaf, Messiahvore, Love Gang, Cryptic Witch, Astral Construct, Voideater, Cloud Catcher and many more.

01. In The Company Of Serpents – The Fool’s Journey
02. Primitive Man – Oily Tears
03. Green Druid – Haunted Memories
04. Drune – I Watched The Woods March To War
05. Deer Creek – We Dreamed Of Flames And Suffocation
06. Chieftain – Vulture Hunter
07. Sun Of Grey – Outerworld
08. Kamru – Hexxer
09. The Munsens – Pitiful
10. Cryptic Witch – Spacewalker
11. Lord Velvet – Snakebite Fever
12. Native Daughters – Girth Crisis
13. Hashtronaut – Moonquake
14. Near Dusk – Spliff Em All
15. Stone Deaf – Bearded Lady
16. Abrams – In The Clouds
17. Burning Sister – Get Your Head Right
18. Love Gang – Meanstreak
19. Lost Relics – Dead Men Don’t Need Silver
20. Vandhali – Cauldron Of Spells
21. Fossil Blood – Sorcerer
22. Cloak Bong – The Long Inhale
23. Clarion Void – The Raven At Dawn
24. Messiahvore – Replicant
25. Astral Construct – Accessing The Mind’s Eye
26. Cloud Catcher – Magicians Chariot
27. Alamo Black – What Kind Of Reality
28. Vakara – Iron Knight
29. Only Echoes – War Thorn
30. The Matterhorn Project -traveler
31. Megatheria – Gateway
32. Mothraship – My Dead Horse
33. The Reverend IV – The Wretched Hammer
34. Temple Of Doom – Ruins
35. Smellblind – Pullverine
36. Dead Vessel – Fatted Calf
37. Despairia – Ghost OG
38. Voideater – I Am The Astronaut
39. Temporal Driver – God Crystal

“As the first light of the burning sun sends streaks of crimson across the frozen landscapes of barren forests, a low droning sound can be heard emanating from the mountaintops on high. Convulsive thrumming fills your soul and breaks into a distinctive rhythm like a gift solely given from the gods above. Cracking the ground and releasing the ghosts of your ancestors to enjoy in this aural feast as they welcome you home. This is what you have been waiting for…this is why you have come here…this is Colorado DOOM!

Doom and all its similar counterparts (Stoner Doom/Stoner Rock) have caught the attention of everyone in the past couple years from all walks of life and Colorado has had its fair share of awesome bands to help the cause continue forth. For me, this style of music is something that is a way of life. Something that can’t be described by mere words but rather a beckoning that lives and breathes deep in our soul. I am very honored to be included amongst such impressive bands that have helped pave a distinctive path down the apocalyptic highway. We hope you enjoy this collection of tunes put together by our friends over at Weedian to offer a look into the creative minds in the mile high mountains of Colorado.

Thank you and Keep Dooming On!”

Freddy Allen (Sun Of Grey)

Artwork by Eder Yoga.

All tracks procured by permission of the bands and/or their record labels.

Bojan Bidovc // music enthusiast, promoter, misanthrop and sometimes a journalist as well

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