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Weedian returns with their brand new compilation »Trip To Spain«!

Weedian returns with their brand new compilation »Trip To Spain« to give us a look into diverse Spanish underground scene with artists such as Viaje A 800, Kabbalah, Rosy Finch, Horizon, Saturna, Electric Monolith, Hela, Misty Grey, Elephant Riders, Supa Scoopa, Maragda, Green Desert Water, Lunavieja, Cruzeiro, Moura and many more.

01. Wet Cactus – Damned Rope
02. Arenna – Eclipse
03. Wicked Wizzard – The Barbarian
04. Surya – Crystal Gate
05. Copper Age – RM-714
06. Electric Monolith – Resurrect The Dead
07. Space Deer – Desire
08. Wild Fuzz Trip – Mammoth Tower
09. Matote – Obey
10. Elephant Riders – Supernova
11. Supa Scoopa – Sabbath
12. Misty Grey – Dust Till Dawn
13. Sageness – Spirit Machine
14. Kabbalah – The Darkness Of Time
15. Cachemira – Sail Away
16. Horizon – Blind World
17. Maragda – Orb Of Delusion
18. Rosy Finch – Lava
19. Here The Captain Speaking, The Captain Is Dead – Lithium Sturm
20. Double Horse – Highlands
21. Jhufus – El Canción
22. Cayón – Acid Buzz
23. Green Desert Water – Mountains
24. Electric Valley – Uranus’ Way
25. Grajo – Altares
26. Amon Ra – Gyspsy Wizard
27. Saturna – Way Too Long
28. Kaleikia – Adina
29. The Dry Mouths – Low Savvia
30. Inmates – F4T
31. Tasmanian – First Vibration
32. Cruzeiro – Aquarius
33. Domo – Asura
34. El Altar Del Holocausto – Caridad
35. Chivo – Wasted Time
36. Acherontia – Human
37. Wreck Totem – Vincent Hangman
38. Dolmenn – Lost
39. Drunken Buddha – Medicine Man
40. Moura – Eira
41. Onyric Joy – Ephemeral Memories From A Foggy Dream
42. Psychotropic Swamp – Glass Dope
43. Acid Mess – Fuego Al Templo
44. Dopes To Ethereal – Downfall Chamber
45. Electric Riders – Letting It Shine
46. Dryweed – Silver Coins
47. Lunavieja – La Güestia
48. RIP KC – Valencia 91
49. Híbrido – Pensando En Un Eco De Instinto Interior
50. Red Eye – Tempel
51. Onironaut – Black Haze
52. Milana – White Buffalo
53. The Covenant – The Collapse Of The Universe
54. Fungus – Eaters Of The Dead
55. Bis·nte – Involuntary Act
56. Baläte – Laroya
57. Atavismo – Haribo
58. Santo Rostro – Santo Rostro
59. Viaje A 800 – Dios Astrónomo
60. Raglefant – Northern Flavonoids
61. Hela – Golden Snake
62. Dunna – Fénec
63. Plastic Woods – Close To The Void
64. Piedra Roja – Si algún día
65. Mano de Piedra – Storm Of Axes
66. Aathma – Mithra

The Spanish underground scene is a world to discover for many lovers of heavy and psychedelic sounds. Spanish’s heavy scene is mainly concentrated in the cities of Madrid and Barcelona, ​​where there has been a tradition of the birth of bands and concert halls for decades, but not only in these cities. The cultural diversity of Spain means that we also find an important scene in Andalusia (southern Spain) with bands that take progressive elements, as well as local culture such as flamenco itself. Another important focus is in the Valencian Community, on the Mediterranean coast where we find bands with a certain inclination towards spatial sounds. On the other hand, in the north of the country, there is an important focus of underground bands; from Galicia, with bands that reflect elements of Celtic folklore in their songs, to Euskadi, with a more raw and alternative sound, passing through Asturias, a focus of psychedelic and experimental bands. Unlike other renowned scenes such as the Polish, Scandinavian, Australian, etc., the visibility of Spanish bands is scarce outside our borders despite the musical quality of many of them. The fact of being geographically located in southern Europe makes, on the one hand, foreign bands have difficulties to tour in Spain, which prevents them from expanding their army of fans, and on the other hand, the repercussion of Spanish bands outside our borders is quite scarce. Similarly, with many small record labels in our country, the dissemination of publications outside our borders is certainly complicated. On the other hand, having a multiple offer of live music clubs, this does not correspond to a massive attendance at these concerts, so the promoters are cautious when it comes to scheduling live shows. With many more fans of heavy metal, the difficulty of the bands that play desert stoner, heavy psychedelia, doom, metal, post-metal and space rock, new bands with interesting sound proposals continue to appear every day. These styles are making their way little by little with increasingly successful albums.
~ Roberto Lucas (DenpaFuzz)

All tracks procured by permission of the bands and/or their record labels.
Special thanks to Spinda Records.
Artwork by the.kribs

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