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Welcome To Pleshiwar’s debut full-length album »Apostasy« out today via MDD Records / Black Sunset!

Marburg, Germany doom death metal band Welcome To Pleshiwar premiere their debut album, »Apostasy«, which was just released today, November 9th, 2023 via MDD Records / Black Sunset.

01. Apostasy Part 1
02. Sisyphean Task (Le Mythe De Sisyphe)
03. Sorrow
04. Darkness Within Light
05. Praying Mantis
06. Apostasy Part 2

Courtesy of The Metallist PR:

Doom death with old school vibes!

Welcome To Pleshiwar, which was only founded in 2021, already caused quite a stir in the German metal scene with their EP »Unsolved«, which was released in the same year as their formation, and also received a lot of positive feedback from the trade press for their first sign of life. No wonder, because the band consists entirely of proven scene veterans, who were previously active in bands such as Reawacan, Lacrima Christi, Immortalis and others.

With »Apostasy« the full-length debut of the quartet is now available and already a look at the track lengths between 6 and 7 minutes gives an idea of what you have to deal with musically: Dragging Death Doom, which cannot deny its influences of the genre greats of the 90s, is written large here and enriched with progressive passages to a great listening experience.

Welcome To Pleshiwar has succeeded in transporting the vibe of the 90s into the modern era and serving up a contemporary album with »Apostasy«, thus building a bridge between their own roots and the modern age. The production (mix & master) by Andy Classsen at Stage One does the rest to make this album a captivating experience.

FFO: My Dying Bride, Bolth Thrower

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• MDD Records
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Recorded at WTP Studios.
Mix and master by Andi Claasen at Stage One Studio.
Cover art by

Welcome To Pleshiwar is:
Sascha Kaiser – Vocals
Marco Gebert – Drums
Karsten Goebel – Guitars, Keyboards
Dan Krieger – Bass

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