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Scottish occult 70s rock duo Lucid Sins premieres third album »Dancing In The Dark«; out today on Totem Cat Records!

Glasgow, UK based occult psych rockers Lucid Sins have released their third full-length album »Dancing In The Dark« this Friday, October 27th, 2023 via Totem Cat Records.

01. Jack Of Diamonds
02. The Dance
03. Take Me With You
04. From The Bough
05. Sanctuary Stone
06. A Call In The Dark
07. The Drifter
08. Heavy Toll
09. The Raven’s Eye
10. Catch The Wild

Courtesy of Purple Sage PR:

Glasgow-based 70s occult and psych rock goldsmiths Lucid Sins present their spellbinding third full-length »Dancing In The Dark« in full today courtesy of The Obelisk, in anticipation of its October 27th release on Totem Cat Records.

“The album is gorgeous the way moss on wood can be art.” — The Obelisk

“A journey through occult-melancholia that entertains as much as it unsettles, regaling the listener with tales of black magic and sorrow, underpinned by solid musicianship and a remarkable dedication to their craft.” — Distorted Sound Magazine

Stream new album »Dancing In The Dark« IN FULL!

From the moment Glasgow’s own 70s rock masters Lucid Sins catch your ear, you know you are in for a long-haul adventure: driven by their own wizardry and prodigious mastery of all instruments, the duo of Ruaraidh Sanachan and Andreas Johnsson bewitches you from the get-go. While their 2021 sophomore album »Cursed!« presented an intoxicating and unwaveringly prog-oriented brew of proto-rock that sat firmly between Blue Öyster Cult and The Doors, their third album flips a brand new page of their sonic grimoire.

A collaborative effort of interconnected souls, their new album »Dancing In The Dark« summons the talents of various guest musicians to form a fluid and melody-driven story where occult rock meets folk and proto-doom in a hypnotic swirl of riffs and keys carried by Jonsson’s compelling poetry. Firmly rooted in the 60s and 70s sound, Lucid Sins manages to uplift spirits while dragging you once again in the occult, meeting the boundary-free creativity of their contemporaries Witchcraft, Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats to the more seamless lightheartedness of Fairport Convention.

New album »Dancing In The Dark« out October 27th on Totem Cat Records (vinyl, CD and digital)

Lucid Sins is Ruaraidh Sanachan and Andreas Johnsson, the heads who brought an explosive freeform psychedelia to Glasgow’s live scene through their first band Moon Unit. With their Totem Cat Records debut »Occultation« (2015) – not to mention their stellar cover of Medusa’s »Black Wizard« – the Scottish duo drew attention to their darkness-tinged brand of 70s psych and classic rock, making a storming entrance among their proto-metal peers Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats, Witchcraft or Dead Meadow. »Occultation« draped itself in a stunning Alasdair Gray sleeve, which set the tone for their occult-driven ventures.

In 2021, Lucid Sins returned to the scene forefront with their sophomore full-length »Cursed!« on Totem Cat Records, a must-have piece of 70s progressive rock fueled by an intoxicating dose of keys and violins, liquid-fingered riffage and vocals harking back to the likes of Wishbone Ash, Blue Öyster Cult or The Doors in their more entrancing meanderings. Dubbed as “the sort of psychedelic trip that only the greatest bands can really pull off and draw you into” by Two Guys Metal Reviews and “a warm, lofty and brilliant album” by the revered Doom Charts, it was adorned by a surrealistic artwork from Britain’s early 20th-century illustrator Alan Odle. Two years have passed and the prolific duo is now all set to unleash the magical powers of its third full-length »Dancing In The Dark« in the fall of 2023 through Totem Cat Records.

The story of »Dancing In The Dark« goes as follows. You stumble through the forest. Alone and far from home. All paths have returned you to this place. Lost in a world of green. Hidden in the dark. As the light fades you glimpse flickering flame and catch the scent of smoke. In a tiny clearing, shadows cast by a dying fire take human-esque forms. Leaning in for warmth, they share ten tales of hope and betrayal, magic and madness, love and death. Whispered words mingle with distant memories, and as the fire grows higher, your sense of self is scorched and burned. One by one now, the figures begin to dance and spin as occult psychedelic sounds drift through the trees. Caught in the maelstrom, suspended high in a swirling mesh of leaves and perception, you release your grip on space and time… On the forest floor, stirred by dawn, you try to make sense of the mist within your mind. To recall where you have been. To know who you once were. Around a glowing fire, deep in the woods, Lucid Sins are Dancing In The Dark… Will you dance with them?

Lucid Sins is:
Andreas Jonsson – Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Organ, Synthesizer
Ruaraidh Sanachan – Drums, Bass, Percussion, Organ, Mellotron, Recorder, Backing Vocals

Album guests:
Espen Andersen, Stuart Coleman, Hanna Tuulikki, Alex Ward

Cover art by David V. D’Andrea

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