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Weedian presents a brand new compilation »Trip To Austria«!

Weedian travels this time to my neighboring country of Austria. Their brand new compilation »Trip To Austria« presents artists like Parasol Caravan, Ryte, Savanah, Mother’s Cake, Sahara Surfers, Great Rift, Intra, Tarlung, Sativa Root, The Heavy Minds, Saturnists, Mothers Of The Land, Chorosia, Swanmay and many more. A massive piece of music but unfortunately Vu Garde and Dusk are not included. As far as festivals are concerned, I would like to add Sauzipf Rocks in Carinthia to the list. Personally speaking, this is my favorite festival (ever)!

01. Sativa Root – Black Mass Mountain
02. Savanah – Mind
03. Sahara Surfers – Colour Jam
04. Little Hole Filled – Giving Birth To A Planet
05. Great Rift – The Long High
06. Ryte – Raging Mammoth
07. SPECK – Palim Palim
08. Witchrider – OCD
09. Mothers Of The Land – Smoking Mirror
10. Diamond Skull – Secret Planet
11. Minus Green – Ashlinks Back
12. Another Home – The Great Journey To Outer Space
13. Swanmay – Lake On Fire
14. Parasol Caravan – Nemesis
15. Les Lekin – Orca
16. Liquid Sun – The Devil’s Blues
17. Dos Brujos – Hunak
18. Weddings – Labyrinth
19. Tentacula – Liquid Thunder
20. The Heavy Minds – Footpath To Fortress
21. Tokan – Vulnerable Gruppe
22. Psycho Toaster – Going Insane
23. Triptonus – B’har
24. High Brian – The Conversion
25. Mother’s Cake – Toxic Brother
26. Super Sonic Silver Haze – Tools Of The Weak
27. Green Coloured Sun – Witness
28. Monsters Of The Ordinary – The Call Of The Void
29. Mind Control – Sleepless Nights
30. Ultima Radio – Contrast
31. Avalanche – Frequencies Below Zero
32. Liquid Maze – Pirates Of The Amphibia
33. Intra – Illusion
34. Stonetree – The Wolf
35. Purple Roadhouse – Why Don’t We
36. Chorosia – Daredweller
37. Elephant – Mantra/Shinra
38. Tarlung – Infinity
39. Moon Woman – Western Terretories
40. Mother Morgana – Veil Of Illusions
41. Half Baked Cheese – Heavy Weather
42. Grey Czar – Fire Water Holy Ghost
43. Ceveo – No. 6
44. Succopuss – Succopuss
45. The Liquid Stones – We Are
46. Dos Duo (II) – I
47. KRPL – Nature Of Force
48. Krampot – Heliopolis
49. Saturnists – YMIR
50. Johnny & The Rotten – Paranoid Fly
51. The Vampyres – Visions Of Demise
52. Thosar – Cedere
53. Gallowhead – Voices From A Distance
54. Dirt Deflector – I Hate To Save
55. Timestone – Unspoken
56. Caged Wolves – Coamic Rage

“The Austrian underground scene has been flourishing for the last decade surrounded by mountains, forests, and fields. Today we have plenty of bands doing a lot of interesting stuff: stoner, doom, heavy psych, sludge, space rock, instrumental metal, psychedelic rock…

The support for local music has always been amazing in our small country and we have a big underground scene network, specially in big cities like Vienna, Linz, Salzburg or Graz, with venues like Arena, Rockhouse, Kapu and Wakuum, to name a few. They organize lots of gigs every month, special nights like Roadtrip To Outta Space or Desertations and festivals like Dome Of Rock, Lake On Fire or Stone Break, where concerts are always packed with people and good vibes! I hope you enjoy listening to all of these bands, just a bunch of people playing, listening and enjoying the music they love.”

~ Xavier – Dos Brujos / II

Artwork by @enam3_

All tracks procured by permission of the bands and/or their record labels.

Bojan Bidovc // music enthusiast, promoter, misanthrop and sometimes a journalist as well

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